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Corn Con

Why turning food into gasoline (supported by government subsidies) is a stupid (and probably immoral) idea, and how spineless, pandering politicians support it. John McCain stands out as particularly impressive: “John McCain and John Kerry were against ethanol subsidies, then … Continue reading

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(As I Suspected) McCain is a Nitwit

If you are fighting a battle, do you tell your opponent that you are pulling troops out of part of the line? Apparently, if you are John McCain, you do.

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Why I Cannot Vote for Obama

I have a problem with Obama, so do evangelical black pastors. I will never vote for someone who favors sucking the brains out of babies in order to abort them – or any method of abortion for that matter. Not … Continue reading

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More Nitwittery on Economic Issues

John McCain is interviewed by Larry Kudlow regarding economic policies, specifically his “gas tax holiday” proposal. McCain obviously knows next to nothing about economics and apparently doesn’t care. Seeing that we are going into a difficult economic period would you … Continue reading

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John McCain is worryingly (is that a word) Superstitious

Does it bother anyone else that John McCain is so superstitious?

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Less Jobs, More War

Pat Buchanan summarizes John McCain’s campaign slogan! The reason John McCain will be in so much trouble if he gets the nomination.

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