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The Race for the Cash (Stolen from our Children)

So Michigan lost in the first round of the great Washington school fund giveaway. A big factor was that the Michigan Education Association was apparently more interested in wielding power over the process and protecting teachers than it was in … Continue reading

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How Depressing is This?

An animated map of job losses starting in 2007 (this is one depressing map!). Notice that Michigan was already in a recession at the beginning of 2007 and it isn’t getting any better!

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Talk About Drowning Your Sorrows!?!

Leave it to Michigan to come up with a 4800 calorie hamburger with which to drown your recession sorrows. I’m not sure if the aim is to put you in an early grave or not, but if this doesn’t do … Continue reading

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Michigan: The Next West Virgina?

Michigan’s long term outlook is bleak and getting bleaker with President Obama’s proposed carbon cap and trade laws. This will put us even further behind the economic power curve. We’re looking more and more like West Virginia, chronically economically depressed. … Continue reading

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Best Female Athlete Ever from Michigan?

Sports Illustrated lists the best female athlete ever by birth state. They probably got it right for Michigan, I just didn’t know she was born here.

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U of M Knocks off UCLA!

Who would have guessed? Here is an interesting look at Michigan’s basketball coach.

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(As I Suspected) McCain is a Nitwit

If you are fighting a battle, do you tell your opponent that you are pulling troops out of part of the line? Apparently, if you are John McCain, you do.

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