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Zune Bites the Dust

Yet another Microsoft product with a stupid name bites the dust. Microsoft will no longer produce the (non)selling, unfortunately named Zune. They have decided to focus on the much more succinctly and brilliantly named “Windows Phone Seven.” Note to Microsoft: … Continue reading

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Another Stupid Microsoft Name

Who names things at Microsoft and why do they still have a job? Next up is the NoDo phone, due in March. NoDo? How do you even pronounce that and what does it mean? No Dough, as in, these things … Continue reading

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Microsoft Smackdown

I imagine Microsoft will appeal this ruling and it probably won’t stand because, well, Microsoft is so powerful and rich. I hope it does though. Serious Microsoft smackdown for infringing on a patent. 290 million and they can’t sell Word … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Naming Products

Whatever else one can say about Microsoft and their (pathetic) products, whoever is naming their stuff should be fired. The latest is their answer to Google, a search engine named Bing. Bing? Seriously? That’s the best you could do? These … Continue reading

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