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30K Per Household

The amount that the Obama administration (and Congress) has borrowed per household since the economic stimulus was signed into law two years ago (and no, I do not excuse the Bush administration which was no more interested in fiscal sanity … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama = Marie Antoinette?

Leave it to the Taiwanese to sum up Michelle Obama’s “vacation.” Knowledge of Chinese isn’t necessary, the animation speaks for itself.

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Uh Oh…

Isn’t this what Mr. Chavez from Venezuela does?

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Kudos for Trying: Mr. President

I’m sure that there are some people who will throw stones at Mr. Obama for pretty much anything he does. He IS the President and He IS a very busy man, so I give him points for getting daily prayers … Continue reading

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Who Will Bailout Profligate Greece? (Hint: Check a mirror)

Now that the Europeans are smart enough not to bailout Greece, who do you think is going to do it? Did you look in the mirror? Yes, you, the U. S. taxpayer. Sure you’re already weighed down handing money to … Continue reading

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More on Global (Non) Warming

The Washington Times has a good editorial on the issue today. Including this excellent point: Mr. Mann admitted that he was party to this conversation and lamely explained to the New York Times that “scientists often used the word ‘trick’ … Continue reading

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Missed It By 6 Million

The Obama Administration predicted the stimulus bill would add 3.5 million jobs across the US. Actual result? We lost 2.5 million. Rats! Missed it by 6 million jobs. Not bad for the government.

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