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Olympic Quotes

I think my favorite is: “The geezer bit me!” — James Degale, British middleweight boxing champion, complaining about final opponent, Cuban Emilio Correa.

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The Olympics and the Medal Count

I’ve always felt that it was only the press who cared about what the ultimate medal count was at the Olympics and who “won” the games. I think most of the general public could care less. If anyone (in America) … Continue reading

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Now Horses Are Drugging Themselves

Geesh, when will it end. First humans, now horses! They’ll do anything for an Olympic medal.

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Gee Those Black Masks Worked Well

Not only did USA Cycling offend the Chinese hosts of the Olympics, but the black masks some of the cyclists wore apparently did no good at all. It’s back to the drawing board for the USA track cycling team.

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What the Olympics are all About

Watch some video of Nicole Cook as she wins the gold medal for Britain in the women’s cycling road race. Definitely what the Olympics are all about. Pure, radical joy.

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How to be Absolutely Pathetic Guests

The U. S. cycling team–some of them anyway–wore black masks into Beijing yesterday to protect them from pollution. I wonder who thought that would be a great idea? It would be something like the Chinese gymnastics team wearing flak jackets … Continue reading

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