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The Peril of Being a Christian in Pakistan

This news report is almost too painful to read. One can only describe the events as barbaric beyond description, but that is the nature of evil. Arshed Masih did not deny God and was martyred. Pray for his wife and … Continue reading

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Kidnapped in Afghanistan: One Reporter’s Story

An interesting (long) story about a NYT reporter held hostage in AfghaniPakistan for 7 months. He seems a little naive, but 7 months in captivity cured that.

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Taliban Loses…for Now

Pakistan has almost beaten the Taliban in the Swat Valley. Now the question is, “can they keep them from returning?” My answer: No. The Taliban are committed and patient, the Pakistani government is corrupt and weak. As soon as the … Continue reading

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The (Coming) Demise of Pakistan

Pakistan looks like a disaster in the making, according to some analysts on the level of Iran when the Shah was deposed. I’m sure Jimmy Carter II…oops, I mean, President Obama, once he releases his tight grip on his best … Continue reading

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The Kyber Pass and History

Anyone who knows the least bit about history (and one suspects that President Bush must have slept through his history classes at Yale), knows that for anyone occupying Afghanistan, the Khyber Pass is the key. Pakistani militants understand this, and … Continue reading

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Why Do They Hate Us?

Interesting perspective from a Pakistani who has been immersed in both Pakistani and American culture (as balanced a treatment as you will find). He is absolutely correct when he says that Americans are woefully ignorant of how American foreign policy … Continue reading

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