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John Piper: Speaking to Christian Counselors

This is the most bizarre audience I’ve ever heard. John Piper is speaking seriously and the audience is laughing uproariously. One of the weirder things I’ve ever heard!

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No Mr. President!

John Piper puts it so eloquently, I will leave it at that.

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Piper on the Prosperity Gospel

My son, Badger, turned me on to this clip of John Piper addressing the so-called “prosperity gospel.” In case you are wondering what the “prosperity gospel” sounds like, you can find it here.

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John Piper Ponders the Election

As usual, when he weighs in, he’s thought deeply through the issues and brings Scripture to bear.

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Remembering Jonathan Edwards

John Piper reminds us that it is Jonathan Edwards’ 305th birthday today. I agree with John that Edwards is the theologian who has had the most impact on me, mostly through his sermons as opposed to his philosophical work or … Continue reading

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Why Do We Sleep?

Scientists are trying to figure it out, needless to say, they will probably come up with the wrong answer. John Piper has the correct answer. He says in one of his devotional books that sleeping is God’s way of demonstrating … Continue reading

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John Piper on the Importance of Doctrine

Piper weighs in on why doctrine is so important. My favorite comment: Discernment is not created in God’s people by brokenness, humility, reverence, and repentance. It is created by biblical truth and the application of truth by the power of … Continue reading

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