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Weasel of the Year Award

Goes to…Arlen Specter.

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Hunger Riots?

There is nothing like hunger to create rapid political upheaval. With the rise in price of basic commodities many governments are scrambling to keep order. Haiti is one of the worst.

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Hillary’s Visit to Bosnia. Actual Video…sort of

This video cracks me up!

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More Wars…Less Jobs Part II

Thanks to son, Bear, for pointing me to these two videos. This one is a serious Obama commercial, which you have to watch because the next one is a spoof of the commercial “for” John McCain.

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Less Jobs, More War

Pat Buchanan summarizes John McCain’s campaign slogan! The reason John McCain will be in so much trouble if he gets the nomination.

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Hillary Clinton on Herself (Gag Alert)

Hilary Clinton on Meet the Press talking about…herself, not talking about herself. Read David Brook’s comments and you’ll see what I mean. A couple of excerpts: She broadcast her own humility: “You know, I’m very other-directed. I don’t like talking … Continue reading

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George Orwell Would Not Be Shocked

Britain jumps into a brave new world. Now they want to take your organs without consent when you die. I wonder how long it will take before they take your organs because you are about to die?

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Why John McCain Will Not Win

Amnesty. Enough said.

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Finally! Someone Speaks the Truth About the Election Process

Someone from the Washington Times at last speaks the truth about the out-of-control process of presidential elections. The first two paragraphs say it all: As this negative and insufferably long presidential primary season continues, two truths — with apologies to … Continue reading

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Why Do They Hate Us?

Interesting perspective from a Pakistani who has been immersed in both Pakistani and American culture (as balanced a treatment as you will find). He is absolutely correct when he says that Americans are woefully ignorant of how American foreign policy … Continue reading

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