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Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme of the Day

As I’ve said before, one of the marks of financial bubbles is the massive fraud that takes place during the bubble is overlooked (we can thank the Bush administration) during the bubble, only to be revealed as the bubble bursts. … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Ponzi Schemes

You thought it was Madoff’s scheme to bilk investors of 50 billion. Ha! Small potatoes. Leave it to John Stossel to point out who is actually running the largest Ponzi scheme in history. By far! There’s one thing I can … Continue reading

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Another Madoff Victim

She is forced to give up 300 count sheets, her maid, her “cottage” in West Palm Beach, and now she has to (gasp!) take the subway in New York (1st time in 30 years!). Gee, I really feel sorry for … Continue reading

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One Guy Who Lost it All (Thanks to Bernie Madoff)

One of the many stories that are starting to popup over the greatest Ponzi scheme in history. Sad.

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