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QE 3 Coming to a Country (The US) Near You

While QE 2 is winding down, what do you want to bet that QE 3 is on the way? One good excuse we find in the paper today. QE 1 did not work, as I wrote here (if it did, … Continue reading

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Nutshell View of Where We are Headed … Off a Cliff

If you want a simple, one article explanation of where we are going, read this article. Simple. Direct. Easy to understand. From the article: There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom expansion brought about by … Continue reading

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2.4 Trillion worth of Quantitive Easing Didn’t Work? What Next?

How about 5 trillion! If at first you don’t succeed, keep printing money because that is the obvious answer to Mr. Bernanke, nitwit Fed Chief.

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