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Evidence for Intelligent Design Shot Down by Scientists (Really?)

The title of this article has me convinced! Okay, it doesn’t. It does, however, demonstrate the flawed logic that masquerades as science but is nothing more than pre-suppositional philosophy in action. The point the ID’ers make is not that the … Continue reading

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Count Me A Skeptic

I’ve never been too impressed with paleontologists and this article about discovering whales in Pakistan demonstrates why. The scientist assumes that the baby whale is a fetus and the article gives no evidence to back this up. So when the … Continue reading

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Echolocation in Bats

I’ve been fascinated by bats and how they navigate ever since I read Richard Dawkins’ book (The Blind Watchmaker—I think it was that one), where he tries (and fails) to explain echolocation in terms of evolution (laughable if you ask … Continue reading

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Water Declares the Glory of God

Fascinating little piece on the nature and structure of water (which is not well understood). Bottom line: Water is much more complex and organized than scientists thought. Wow, evidence of complexity and design even though it “evolved.” More information for … Continue reading

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The Brain Works in Mysterious Ways…

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Global Warming and Scientific "Consensus"

Since when does science rely on “consensus?” Isn’t it supposed to rely on facts and data? Aren’t we supposed to vigorously test our theories? Apparently not in the case of global warming. In this, consensus rules. This article is an … Continue reading

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Will We Find the Higgs Boson?

This is a theoretical particle that may be proven to exist when the Large Hadron Collider opens up later this year in Switzerland. While the rest of the world yawns, for particle physicists the Collider is like a lifetime’s worth … Continue reading

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