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Pride Goeth Before…a Soccer Goal!

Here is a good demonstration of why one should not count their chickens (or boast about them) until they hatch. This goalie is now famous!

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Need Acting Lessons: Watch Football

Football players are some of the greatest actors in history!

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Scary Good

Maicon shows why he is a great soccer player. Inter-Milan vs. Juventus – 4/16/2010.

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Highest Paid Soccer Star in History…is a Christian

Got to love this. Kaka, who is one of the top soccer players in the world, is close to getting the highest salary in history. Read the message on his shirt and you’ll see why I like the guy. He’s … Continue reading

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Go Laingsburg Soccer!

My son’s team made the state semi-finals last night against a team that was superior in every respect except the final score. It was an amazing battle. We were down 1-0 at half, but came back and scored 2 goals, … Continue reading

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Talking About a Goal

Let’s see. You’re a goaltender. It’s your first game in MLS. What to do? How about score the winning goal on an 85 yard kick!

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