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A Brilliant Op-Ed Title

Stimulus saves nine out of every five jobs. Brilliant.

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Huckabee on the (anti-religious) Stimulus Bill

I am a big supporter of Mike Huckabee. He is not given to fear-mongering, so when he calls the stimulus bill “anti-religious,” I take it pretty seriously. He’s right.

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George Will Skewers The Politicians

George Will at his best. The stimulus legislation is a strange response to the president’s inaugural call for “a new era of responsibility.” State and local governments, which in the five flush years 2003–07 irresponsibly increased spending five times faster … Continue reading

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Print or Tax

For winning the Nobel Prize in economist, we find Paul Krugman, um, not very smart when it comes to economics. His answer to the disaster that Bush’s economic and regulatory policies have put us in is for the government to … Continue reading

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Oink, Oink, Goes Senator Reid

The pigs are running to the trough siphoning off funds from the 500—no, 700—no, 850—n0, 1 trillion dollar “stimulus package.” Harry Reid, Senate Majority leader, is going to get his share because he can. Naturally, Las Vegas is going to … Continue reading

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More (Possible) Nitwittery from the Administration and Congress

So…nothing is working thus far in repairing the damage that our overconsumption has caused. What is Congress and the Administration to do? I know, how about Stimulus Package II, since the first one worked so well (not). From the article: … Continue reading

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