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US: So What if We Break Our Promise

So the President says that we will not prosecute the CIA torturers (nor, it appears the people who ordered them to torture), thus breaking the promise we made in the UN Convention against Torture to do so. The discussion of … Continue reading

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Torture and the Bush Administration

This short article makes it very clear that we were torturing prisoners. I call anyone who disagrees (including John Yoo, author of the infamous “Torture Memo”) to undergo what these guys did and say it is not torture. What we … Continue reading

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Waterboarding IS Torture

Christopher Hitchens has been a supporter of the Bush “War on Terror” from the beginning so it’s pretty significant that he undergoes waterboarding himself and declares in no uncertain terms that it is torture: I apply the Abraham Lincoln test … Continue reading

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Ashcroft Confronted on Waterboarding

Too bad it takes a college student to point out the hypocrisy of using waterboarding when we sent at least one Japanese officer to prison for 15 years for virtually the same torture.

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Losing Our Soul Little By Little

Sixty years ago waterboarding was a war crime, today it is an “aggressive” but appropriate interrogation technique. We are not making progress. This article says in part, In 1947, the United States charged a Japanese officer, Yukio Asano, with war … Continue reading

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