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A (Financial) World Gone Mad

Brilliant column. Crazy world. Something will give eventually and it won’t be pretty. You know markets have gone mad when the 10-year Treasury couldn’t care less that gold is at a record. True enough. Which one is correct, I do … Continue reading

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Bailout of the Day: Citigroup

The government is tossing fresh billions at (surprise, surprise) Citigroup this morning, which by the way follows $25 billion they already tossed at it. Funny how they do insist that the car companies show how they are going to “return … Continue reading

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Henry Paulson: King of America

Apparently Henry Paulson (and whoever his successor is in a new administration) is about to be crowned “King of America” and by Congress at that. He will have essentially unlimited power to do whatever he wants with money supplied by … Continue reading

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