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A Good (and Depressing) Summary of the Economy

Leave it to Evan Ambrose-Pritchard to summarize what few other people will tell you. Do you think that things are getting better in the economy? Think again. * Labor force conraction in December – 661,000 *True unemployment rate – 17.3% … Continue reading

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Some Honesty from the Fed (Shock Alert)

What? A Fed official giving the “real” data on unemployment? Will wonders never cease? It’s really 16% unemployed, not whatever crap number(9.4%) the government puts out and the main stream media accepts without analysis.

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How Depressing is This?

An animated map of job losses starting in 2007 (this is one depressing map!). Notice that Michigan was already in a recession at the beginning of 2007 and it isn’t getting any better!

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