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Government Stimulus in (non)Action

What happens when the government artificially stimulates demand in housing? It works…for awhile…then it doesn’t anymore.

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Two Fascinating Reads

When Niall Ferguson talks, you had better listen. In this column he points out that empires sometimes evaporate overnight, often due to financial crises. Sound familiar? He also makes this important point, and one that has worried me ever since … Continue reading

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Fannie Mae Vaporizing (Our) Money

Check out this chart from Zero Hedge, the failure rate of Fannie Mae loans has, as they point out, gone parabolic. Yeah, that’s our (taxpayer) money being vaporized. Thanks a lot, Mr. Bernanke and you congressional weasels. Well to be … Continue reading

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9 Banks Failed on Friday

You would think that this would be getting headline news, and perhaps it eventually will, but 9 banks failed on Friday. 9! Sure glad all the green shoots are springing out.

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Tough Crowd: Rep. Steny Hoyer (D) Taken to Woodshed

Got to love this confrontation. I’m glad to see that Mr. Hoyer had NO facts to support his argument.

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Zero Hedge on Cowboy Capitalism

This is a fascinating letter that the excellent financial blog Zero Hedge, has posted from a guy who works at Deutsche Bank. I found his comments on the firms interaction with AIG the most fascinating: As these losses have grown, … Continue reading

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